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Your Guide to Successfully Appealing DCF Decisions

How to Appeal a DCF Decision with Confidence? Facing a decision from the Department of [...]

Ensuring Trust in MA DCF Social Workers for Abuse Allegations

Can You Trust Your MA DCF Social Worker During a Child Abuse Investigation? Trust in [...]

What Is A MA DCF 51B Report?

What does DCF call their investigations? DCF calls their investigations a 51B investigation. And they [...]

What Are the 4 Outcomes of a MA DCF Investigation

I am often asked by clients; what are the possible outcomes of my 51B investigation? [...]

How Does MA DCF Screen Cases

I’m often asked how DCF will screen out things. The Massachusetts Department of Children and [...]

How Grandparents Can Fight MA DCF

I recently got a phone call from a grandmother. And she indicated to me, she [...]

Be Smart With Social Media During Your MA DCF Investigation

Recent case I had involved a mother who was from another country and she was [...]

Impact of MA DCF 51A Reports on Custodial Parents in Legal Battles

How Can a MA DCF 51A Report Affect Custodial Parents in Court? When Liz, a [...]

Take Back The Power In Your MA DCF Case

And how do we solve your problem and reach your goals? We sit down and [...]

How Effective Planning Can Lead to Winning MA DCF Investigation Outcomes

Why Is Having a Plan Crucial for Winning MA DCF Investigations? Winning a Massachusetts Department [...]

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